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Alissia Clifton

Chief Word Wizard & Marketing Magician

An individual that crafts marketing text so perfectly, it seems like some kind of sorcery. 

"Wow! That girl is just starting out, she has already written ads that have cut our marketing costs and doubled our conversion rates. Is she a Magician? Or a Wizard?" 

"No. She's just a Direct-Response Copywriter."

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What the hell is a copywriter?

The short version. A copywriter is just a salesman behind a keyboard, or in this case, a saleswoman. I know. We often think of sales as being a dirty word. No thanks to the horror stories we have heard - of the 'white gold' salesmen knocking at the door, forcing their way in, and jumping up and down on their demonstration window in our living rooms. 'Demonstrating' the strength of the lock mechanism and making a spectacle of themselves!

Do these salespeople still exist? Unfortunately, yes. And to confuse us further, they have rebranded themselves as marketers. So, I don't blame you for your scepticism when I say that copywriters are salespeople. 

There is a real stigma attached to advertisers, marketers, and salespeople. In a Statista poll, conducted in the UK in October 2020, only 13% of Brits said they would trust an advertising exec. Meaning that according to the British public, we are less trustworthy than politicians! Now let that sink in for a moment.

So why is sales a dirty word? It's a skill we all need and use every single day. Whether we are trying to convince our sad mate that hasn't been out in a while to come down the pub. Or our stubborn Mothers to get themselves to the doctor for that problem they've been ignoring for ages. Sales ultimately is the art of influence. The problem is there isn't much of a difference between influence and manipulation. And we live in a world where it’s very hard to distinguish the difference between the two.

Does this mean we can't sell ethically? No. It is possible to increase conversion rates without lying to customers or falsifying claims, and there is an army of copywriters out there willing to prove it to you. 

So, What the hell is a copywriter? Well, marketing copy is any text that advertises a product, service, or brand. Of course, with the intent to sell and usually asks readers to take action. Ultimately, it is salesmanship in print, unless of course, you are advertising digitally - which is where Jammy Copy comes in.

So, If my brutally honest rant about marketers hasn't put you off and you're willing to open your heart and mind to the idea that we are not all self-serving assholes looking to make a quick buck. Check out the Services page, to see if my copywriting expertise are what you need to increase your sales and expand your business on and offline. (But mainly online).

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